Thinking beyond funding models for vibrancy and viability. What NFP leaders needs to know.
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1. Thinking Long

Strategic thinking is dead. Killed by short termism. Read why sustainability is intrinsically linked to long term thinking.

2. The Change Imperative

There is an undeniable imperative for change and the current conversation is focused on financial resolutions.

3. Business Models First

Vibrancy and Viability must be placed on a solid platform of business models that create and deliver value.

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George Liacos

Managing Director:

George has a wealth of expertise in supporting organisations to be more sustainable and impactful through innovative and collaborative business models. He is a serial entrepreneur with experience also leading $100M + entities overseas and in Australia. A champion of the B Corp movement, George works across the Not for Profit and private sectors, and with Government and philanthropy to create profit for purpose business models to solve social problems. 


Felicity Green

Strategic Advisor:

With an MBA from Peking University, China, Felicity brings an international lens to her work, helping organisations be more sustainable and impactful. A champion of the B Corp movement, Felicity works across the Not for Profit and Private sectors, and with Government and Philanthropy to create profit for purpose business models and partnerships to solve social problems.


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