Welcome to this, our second whitepaper in our Now, Next, After series, which aims to help social sector leaders' sort through the

noise and make decisions that have a practical positive impact on their organisations and beneficiaries in these uncertain times of COVID-19.


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Times of Crisis Part One

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Beyond Government Relations

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Partnering for Purpose

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About the Authors


George Liacos

George has a wealth of expertise in supporting organisations to be more sustainable and impactful through innovative and collaborative business models. He is a serial entrepreneur with experience also leading $100M + entities overseas and in Australia. A champion of the B Corp movement, George works across the Not for Profit and private sectors.


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Felicity Green

Felicity brings an international perspective to her engagements. Graduating Peking University with an MBA, Felicity entered the corporate consulting world as a business transformation adviser. A founding member of the Spark team, she has facilitated international strategy projects, developed expertise in NFP go-to-market approaches and was co-author of the briefing paper for the National Mental Health Commission review.